Our Mission

Vision, Mission, and Values
Vision: To compassionately serve as a resource for those children in our community affected by mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues and/or learning difficulties.
Mission: The House Of Mercy & Encouragement Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to faithfully providing quality mental health and educational services to children and their families that encourage caring, compassion, and a sense of well being.  All are welcome regardless of socio-economic status, color, race, religion, or gender
  1. We respect children and their families
  2. We honor all aspects of life
  3. We believe our employees, contract service providers, and volunteers are integral to HOME
  4. We believe in collaboration with physicians and healthcare professionals
  5. We respectfully serve as directed by schools and family members
  6. We are legally, morally, and ethically responsible in our business practices
  7. We are responsible for our personal and professional development
  8. We strive to continuously improve our quality and services
  9. We integrate technology with values-based thinking and actions
  10. We live our values with dignity and respect

Each child and each family are unique in the eyes of God.

Recognizing individual differences, needs, and strengths is key to the mission of the HOME Foundation. Our mission is to faithfully provide quality mental and behavioral health services and educational interventions that encourage caring, compassion, and a sense of well-being.